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 Sri Lanka

      Sri Lanka the country is truly unique! This should go for the exotic and adventurous, with great beaches, a warm sun and crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean! Sri Lanka - is a wonderful place to relax. During the holidays you can and should manage everything - perfect to relax on the beach, as well as get acquainted with the rich history, traditions, unique monuments of ancient architecture of the island. Sri Lanka - is an ancient country with rich history and ancient traditions - on the island are 8 of architectural and natural sites included in UNESCO's World Heritage Fund.

About Sri Lanka

     Sri Lanka - an island in the Indian Ocean (up to 1972 - Ceylon), located south of the Indian subcontinent. It stretches from north to south and 445 km from west to east 225 km. Most of the island is occupied by plains, whose height rarely exceeds 100 m above sea level. In the center of the island is the Central mountain range. The average height of the mountains - 1000-2000 m above sea level, but some peaks rise above. The highest point of the island - the mountain has a height Pidurutalagala 2524 m, however, is best known for the magnificent Adam's Peak (2243 m). Official capital: Sri Jayavardanapura-Kotte (the seat of parliament and the Supreme Court). Actual Capital: Colombo (seat of government, the residence of the President). Administratively, the country is divided into nine provinces, major cities: Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Anuradhapura, Ratnapura, Jaffna.
Sinhalese make up about 75%, Tamils - about 18% of the population, mainly in northern and eastern regions. Is also home to Sri Lankan Muslims - about 7%, Burghers (descendants of intermarriage with Europeans) - about 0.3%, Vedda (descendants of the ancient population of the island) - about a thousand people. About 70% of the population (mostly Sinhalese) practice Buddhism, 15% - Hindu (Tamils), 8% - Christianity, 7% - Islam (Sri Lankan Moors).

Climate in Sri Lanka

      The climate in Sri Lanka, warm and humid. The temperature is very smooth, without sharp fluctuations during the year. The difference between the warmest and the coldest month of 2-3 degrees Celsius. The average temperature is typically less than 30 degrees. Most rain falls in summer. To stay most comfortable coastal areas of Sri Lanka. In large cities inside the country, weather is hot and humid. Average water temperature in the Indian Ocean near the country of 27 ° C. For tourists it will be useful and pleasant to know that the rains in Sri Lanka are usually held at night. Therefore rest in the resort should not be overshadowed by precipitation. Enjoy the beaches of Sri Lanka can be all year round - you only need to properly define the place of rest. From November to March - a western and southern coast of the island, and from April to October - the east and north-east coast.


      The official currency is the Sri Lankan Rupee state. 1 Rupee (1 LKR) is equal to 100 cents. The December 2017 Lankan Currency against the dollar and the Rupee  was: 1$ = 150 LKR.
Large hotels and shops accept payment by international credit cards. It is recommended to exchange money at the airport in Colombo. Check received at the official exchange rates should be maintained until the end of the trip. In this case, the departure from Colombo you have the option to exchange the remaining money in the bank at the rate of purchase of the airport. You can also exchange money at any hotel and bank.


       Citizens of the   countries to visit Sri Lanka need a visa, which is necessary to issue any advance on-line at ETA , or draw directly upon arrival in Colombo airport.
The cost of entry visas valid for one month. if you pay through the Internet - $ 30.The cost of entry visas valid for one month. if you pay at the airport - $ 40.
In the case of a transit trip, when the length of stay in Sri Lanka does not exceed 48 hours, the fee for a visa will be charged. Officer of the migration service will need to submit tickets, further confirming the flight. When making a tourist visa must also have a return ticket or a hotel booking confirmation, as the guards conducted random checks of the documents from foreigners entering the country.

Shopping and shop

      Traditionally, Sri Lankan tourists bring spices, tea, jewelry, gemstones, high quality knits and gorgeous china. Around the island a large number of small shops and stalls where you can buy only what you need. In the cities are beginning to open large stores, but all the same - to European  variety of products - Sri Lanka is far away. The main location of shopping, of course, is Colombo. Here you can buy very good quality jerseys at low prices, because Many well-known European brands have production was in Sri Lanka. Partial products of these companies are sold at much lower prices than in Europe. We recommend to visit the following stores:

- ODEL. Address: № 5, Alexandra Place, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka;

- TFO The factory OUTLET. Address: Sri Sambuddhathya Jayanthi Mawatha, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka;

- Cotton Collection. Address: № 40, Flower Road, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka;

- Beverly Street;

- House of Fashion. Address: № 101, D. S. Senanayaka Mawatha, Colombo 8;

- Chain stores Majestic City;

- Liberty Plaza. Address: R.A. de Mel Mawatha, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.

      Sri Lanka, with its fantastic tropical nature can actually be proud of any of its unique landscapes - from the golden sandy beaches, caressed by the Indian Ocean, to the numerous ridges and slopes, forming terraces, tea plantations, rice fields and dense forests. Locals cherish and appreciate the nature of the island. The first nature reserve was established here in the III century BC during the reign of King Devanampiyatissa. The purpose of the reserve has been striving to implement one of the precepts of Buddhism, "Do not kill." Now, despite the high population density in Sri Lanka, there are 12 national parks and 52 reserves, which occupy 14% of the island. Among them, miner, Sinharaja, Bundala, Vilpatu, Vasgamuva, Udavalave and Yala.
Go everywhere in Sri Lanka and talk about everything - it is impossible. The beaches of the island beckon vacationers, Ayurveda centers and gardens of spices - wanting healthier, mountains - people willing to climbing, the ocean - to dive deep into his strange, UNESCO sites are waiting for history buffs, Buddhist shrines - the faithful, national parks and reserves - naturalists and contemplators of nature ... The island of Sri Lanka is ready to meet you. Time to relax! Prior to the meeting in Sri Lanka!


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