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          Ancient times, Sri Lanka was a famous land and even present for  valuable Gem stones . Most of the precious stones that adorn the famous jewels of the world, it is found in Sri Lanka. Undoubtedly, the king of precious stones in Sri Lanka is the sapphire. But except for sapphires and rubies mined in Sri Lanka, cat's eye, alexandrite, aquamarine, tourmaline, topaz, garnets, amethysts and other semi precious stones. Sapphires of Sri Lanka is only slightly inferior to that mined in the Indian state of Kashmir. Kashmir sapphires - cornflower blue, considered the best in the world, and therefore the most expensive. Sri Lanka is cheaper, but their colors are more diverse: from blue to violet any saturation, and from purple to pink.

         Sapphire is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful gems. In ancient times it was called a frozen drop of the elixir of eternal youth and immortality, accessible only to the gods. In nature there are sapphires of various colors and shades, but still considered the most valuable stones are blue, and blue colors, no wonder the word "sapphire" in Greek means "blue."

          High-quality natural sapphire can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per carat, and exceptional in quality and size of the stones are sold at auction for millions. Prices for high quality stones here in Sri Lanka, of course not comparable to the prices of precious stones in World. Here you can purchase as simple stones, and jewels from them. Too many tourists, in memory of the journey, get on the Sri Lankan sapphires, and in their country ordered them to decorate them according to individual design. But tourists should be cautious and buy jewelry and gems processed only in stores that have an official license of the state. Do not hesitate to ask about it from the host, it will protect you from disappointment to purchase a piece of glass instead of the long-awaited sapphire.

How to buy Sapphires

           Traveling with our company, you can always count on our assistance in acquiring gems and jewellery. Booking tour trough us and buy sapphires in Sri Lanka you get a discount at the factory 15% plus next voucher for 20% to buy sapphires .  For several years we are working with a large jewellery company. Jewellery and precious stones company successfully implements both domestically and outside Sri Lanka.

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This is interesting: Medicinal properties of sapphire.

            Sapphire is a natural cure for heart disease (heart weakness, rheumatic heart disease, inflammation of the pericardium), and women's diseases, asthma, leprosy and evil chiry growths. Heals the disease of the kidneys, bladder and urinary ducts, promotes discharge of resorption and kidney stones. It helps to treat diabetes, headaches, inflammation of the joints and the middle ear, with paralyzed after a stroke, and chronic digression, is beneficial for eczema and other skin diseases and epilepsy.

          Natural sapphire strengthens the sight, cleanses the eye and destroys them in the blood spots, heals wounds, plague and rabies, has a calming effect, save us from thirst, fever, and especially melancholia.

          Ring or a bracelet with a sapphire on the left hand to help with asthma, heart disease and neuralgia. It was believed that these wonderful gems can cure leprosy and "all the evil growths." Water, in which there were sapphires, helps with eye disease.

Sri Lanka Sapphires

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