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Ayurveda in Sri Lanka. Ayurveda Treatment tours in Sri lanka

Ayurveda - Ayurvedic Treatment tours in Sri Lanka.

      Ayurveda treatment tours - Sri Lanka. Today Ayurveda in Sri Lanka is becoming popular and famous beyond the countries where it has long been considered conventional medicine. At present, specialists of Ayurveda success fully treat skin diseases, allergies, diseases of the nervous system, gastrointestinal  tract, urinary-genital  system, the removal of menopausal  symptoms, emotional  exhaustion, fatigue, migraines and insomnia. Course of Ayurveda helps greatly with overweight and obesity, contribute to the overall rejuvenation of the body. Our company provides ayurvedic  treatment tours to Sri Lanka. Treatment is based on your medical Report and  card of statements from your history  disease and the diagnosis of a doctor of Ayurvedic center. Choosing a treatment ayurveda tour in Sri Lanka, we offer one of the best  treatment centers, you send us an extract from the history of the disease, or  their wishes, preferences about the desired course of treatments. The consultant-interpreter will translate the center medical situation about you, but the doctors of the medical center will appoint the necessary treatment. And once, on arrival at the hotel, after meeting with your doctor, you proceed to the course of therapy, which includes procedures and clinical nutrition. You will not have to worry about the "language barrier" with the doctors center - our  guide/translator will always help in matters relating to your treatment.     

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About Ayurveda - Sri Lanka.

       The science of life or Ayurveda Sri Lanka control a theory that world is made of five primordial elements, namely earth, air, fire, water and ether . These elements themselves are lifeless, but combination , produce three main biological forces or dhosas in the human body, called vatha pita and kapha.

    Ayurveda heals us by bringing back in to balance of the doshas according to our balance at our birth then symptoms  of dis-ease are reversed and disappeared.

     Ayurveda heals the body, mind and sprit as a whole and once in balance you will begin o experience life as an effortless and harmonious journey.Ayurveda is a unique ancient herbal medicine and health philosophy of Sri Lanka and India. Ayurveda is based on the ancient wisdom of good living and has roots deep in the history that gave birth to Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

     Ayurveda from Sanskrit literally means the ‘knowledge of life’ or the secret of living long and healthy. It is the oldest medicine on the planet dating back 5000 years in india and is known to be the root of all medicine. The means of healing is available in nature, like herbs and spice, plants, leaves, gemstone, flowers and oil extracts.The origins of ayurveda dates back to the vedic era. Some historians say that ayurveda is a part of atharya veda. In athavaved too there are hums which mention medicine for various diseases. Medicines like accorus calamus, phylanthantus embolic are mentioned. The systematized form of ayurveda dates back to the rishi conference which was held in the place called chityarata in the foot hills of amount  Himalaya. The great book on ayurveda  characa samhita gives a detail description of the rishi conference. Rishi’s are great learned people like the great scientist of today. But with a different. They are enlightened and refined persons who are absolutely free from the predominance of rajas and tama by virtue of the power of penance and knowledge and who are always in possession of an uninterrupted knowledge pertaining to past, present and future. And known as authorities(aptaos). They are also known as gentlyman(sista)and enlighten(vibudha)persons and their words are considered free beyond any doubt. When diseases were more prevalent  these learned scientist called all the scientists of india and nabouring countries like Sri Lanka and of greater india.A list of the names of scientist who attended the conference is also given in charaka samhita. At this conference all the scattered knowledge was collected and eight school of internal medicine, became the authoritative text of that subject. Kashyapa’s book on paediatrics became the standard book of the subject. There were books written on others subjects like toxicology, ENT diseases etc: but they are lost and are unable to find to this day. Nevertheless certain portions of some of these books are found.The knowledge of ayurveda is believed to be of divine origin and was communicated to the saints and sages of india who received it’s wisdom through deep meditation originally only Brahmins were considered as physicians. But later people from other castes also learned this art of healing and a specific term vaidya was used for these practitioners.The state of the art of ancient healing was enhanced by the myths and legends of the god of healing, divodosa  dhanvatari, it is believed that dhanvantari, who later wrote down the text of ayurveda, taught the science of medicine to the sages. According to another legend,  the knowledge of healing originated from brahama who taught it to daksha, who further taught indra. When diseases and death started created  havoc , all great sages gathered in order to find  solution to this havoc-creating problem. During this meeting sage bharadvaja came forward to learn this art of healing from indra. He then taught this science to atreya who further transmitted this knowledge throughout world. Later agnivesh   who was for most  among the disciples of atreya. Wrote agnivesha  samhita the most comprehensive form of ayurveda. The oldest compilations of atreya and agnivesha are lost. There are three main recognizers of ayurveda whose works still exist and in use. These works were compiled in texts of charaka , sushruta , and vaghbata samhita.


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