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Sri Lanka Veddas tribe

Sri Lanka Veddas tribe Veddas tribe Village Veddas

           In the depths of Sri Lanka Vedda, about 60 km. east of Kandy, the jungle, still retained 340 families, tribes of ancient Vedda, leading the primitive life. Each tribe has a leader, and after some negotiations with him, you can go to the village and get acquainted with the tenor of their lives. The tribes are mainly engaged in hunting, and sometimes wander. On their own  weapons for hunting, they use bows and arrows, axes and knives. The only clothes men - a loincloth or a sarong. The main food is small and the average game - deer, rabbits and birds. For a small fee, villagers show ceremony procedure a fire with two stones will show how the hunting of animals. To visit the tribe need an interpreter who speaks the language of the ancient Vedda (vadi basava), which you can hire for small fee in the last Sinhalese village on the way to the Vedda tribes.

           There are different opinions about the appearance on the island of "wild men" (Veddas). Some believe that it is "people who came out of nowhere," while others consider them to be the first people who had fallen in Sri Lanka, many times ago. Seligman’s ethnographer who studied the Vedda in 1911, classified in the tribes: "Veddas", "Village Veddas" and "Coast Veddas". However, only "Veddas" are "clean", true Vedda, preserving the old way of life. According to my observations the true Vedda as "Village Veddas" and "Coast Veddas", has long succumbed to the influence of civilization, but not assimilated, but rather against the backdrop of increasing the tourist boom, was the only right decision to return to primitive lifestyles. It should be noted that a visit to the tribe Vedda will cost you a little amount.

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